Jan 14 2019

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You are the child of the forest

Forever Forest is a unique blend of exploration, survival, action and role-playing, condensed into a simple and intuitive gameplay. Immerse yourself in beautiful colours and meditative melodies, while you explore a luscious, uncharted wilderness. Set forth on a journey to carry the last ray of light across stony deserts, treacherous swamps and poisonous lakes to illuminate a hidden world covered in darkness. Use your wits and skill to sustain yourself on colourful fruits and critters, hunt and be hunted by powerful beasts and permanently evolve by absorbing the abilities of your enemies into your mask.


  • An emotional journey about healing a broken world that takes six to eight hours to complete, embedded in a vast narrative about human hubris and living in harmony with nature.
  • A procedurally generated 3D world with a continuous change of landscapes and challenges to the north, and an unlimited expansion to the east and west.
  • A variety of different creatures that interact organically with each other and with their environment and require different tactics to defeat them in combat.
  • Berries and mushrooms of different shapes and colors provide nourishment and temporarily enhance abilities. Alternatively, players can hunt and devour other creatures.
  • New abilities can be acquired by collecting the masks of defeated enemies and trading them in at mythical shrines to prepare for the challenges that lay ahead.
  • Different habitats with their own vegetation, population and weather blend into each other to create eight distinct zones that shape the forest.
  • Dynamic lighting creates an additional challenge and requires players to move carefully in dark zones until they find the next temple of light and cast away the darkness.

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